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I live with two very lively cats called Jason and Milly who are either keeping me entertained or else giving me grey hairs. Whether I’m laughing hysterically at Jason swinging off the curtains or cringing with embarrassment as Milly digs a hole in my neighbour’s flower bed as we’re chatting, there’s never a dull moment! I hope you enjoy these stories, whether you do or don’t have cats. if you have any stories of your own, please do share them!

Friday, 15 November 2013

A fishy tail...

One fish; complete with scales, carpet fluff and leaf...
One evening a few weeks ago, I was chatting to my husband in kitchen when I glanced over at the corner near the bin. ‘What the flipping heck is that’ I said (or something like that!) Lying next to the bin was a large goldfish. It was a bit of a surprise as I don’t have any goldfish myself.  Quick as a flash my husband popped the fish into a glass and then we transferred it to my new mixing bowl. Straight away it started swimming round, although we could see quite a few scales floating in the water.
We knew there could only be one (or maybe two) culprits. Especially when we noticed the scales and blood on the floor - the poor thing had obviously been knocked around a bit. What were we going to do about this? We couldn’t just keep it - for a start I don’t like fish, unless they're served with chips!
I'm too cute & sleepy for fish battery!

We thought of a couple of neighbours we knew with fish in an outdoor pond and my husband went off to knock on a few doors. In the end we couldn't find the rightful owner so gave it to an obliging neighbour with a pond. She has 3 cats herself so didn’t judge us for it. Since then, there have been another 3 fish and I don’t know where my cats are getting them from! Short of knocking all the doors in the immediate neighbourhood of my house, I can’t find the owner.
I wuvs ooo mummy....
(my evil plan is working *evil laugh*)

On the evening of the 3rd fish, there was also a dead mouse and a live mouse which I had to rescue and my husband was away that night. I could have happily given my cats away to travelling gypsies (or something like that) that night!

Despite feeling cross and frustrated with my cats for being so mean to so many little animals, I know I can’t really be mad at them. Hunting is in their nature and if I wanted gentler pets, I should have thought about getting a guinea pig or even a goldfish maybe. My cats are lively, entertaining and incredibly affectionate. They bring me lots of joy that I couldn’t possibly get from watching birds or fish! So I  guess I will just have to put up with it, but I’ll continue to feel guilty about the tiny body count, as its crystal clear that Milly and Jason don’t!